Rural conveyancing is complex and missing something important could cost you thousands of dollars. We understand the complexities of dealing with multiple land parcels, water access, river boundaries, etc.

We use a simple step by step process to ensure nothing is missed and we work with you to define those issues that are important to you.

Rural properties introduce their own issues including boundary alignment, access, drainage (in particular septic tank issues), compliance of outbuildings, dwelling entitlements, grants, easements, soil quality, development restrictions, bush fire control and individual tax implications.

Whilst our process in the sale or purchase follows similar steps to the buying and selling of any other property, the steps (particularly the due diligence step) introduce their own set of enquiries . We offer advice on farm sales and purchases, leases, contract and other agreements to ensure our clients can focus on their business knowing that all legal aspects have been taken care of. Experience is the key.